iOS projects

  • Network Utility

    Network Utility

    With Network Utility you can quickly find all informations about your network. Information such as internal and external IP, network name, MAC address, gateway address, subnet mask and DNS addresses.  In addition, with a single tap you can PING a domain, query a Whois server or use NSLookup ... read more

  • XO


    XO brings Tic Tac Toe on your Watch, iPhone and iPad. read more

  • Atomic Lumen

    Atomic Lumen

    Keep the nucleus switched on as long as you can, rise to the occasion your reflex and challenge your friends to an Atomic race to higher level. read more

  • SteganoGame


    Are you ready to test your sight? There's a word to find and a different image for each one of its letters, will you be able to find the letter hidden inside every image? Find 'em all to win, if you want to climb the ranking though you'll need much more: you'll have to be the fast... read more

  • RAP: Random Audio Player

    RAP: Random Audio Player

    RAP, it may seem a normal music player but with only a tap it becomes your best friend when you drive, without takes your eyes off the road you can control playback of your songs. read more

  • TCP Console

    TCP Console

    You need to test your TCP/IP server or client? View incoming or outgoing text strings? TCP Console is the app for you! With a couple of taps could start a server TCP/IP listening on the port you want, send text string or EOL characters and display the responses received. read more

  • PPI Calc

    PPI Calc

    With this handy application you can calculate the PPI (pixels per inch) of all the screens you want. In addition to the PPI you can get information about aspect ratio and the measurements of the screen. read more