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TCP Console

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TCP Console

You need to test your TCP/IP server or client? View incoming or outgoing text strings?

TCP Console is the app for you! With a couple of taps could start a server TCP/IP listening on the port you want, send text string or EOL characters and display the responses received.
To your server can connect multiple clients at the same time and you can disconnect them one by one or PING to verify that there are no problems in the LAN or firewall.

If you need to test your server, it will be just as easy! Enter address, port No. and connect, in a few moments you will be able to send and receive text strings from the server.

TCP Console will allow you to do all this in its simplicity, a few taps and you'll be connected!

Custom URL scheme support: 


TCP Console starts, tries to connect to the server and send the content. Optionally TCP Console can decode a base64 string before sending.