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Are you ready to test your sight?

There's a word to find and a different image for each one of its letters, will you be able to find the letter hidden inside every image?

Find 'em all to win, if you want to climb the ranking though you'll need much more: you'll have to be the fastest one and you'll have to do few mistake... no mistake at all, hurry up... you've only got two minutes!

Saving time equals more bonus points and the multiplier will rise up if you insert your letters faster.

The more you win the more the game goes harder. You'll have to reach the top level to get the best score and with more than 5000 words carefully selected for every supported language fun has no end!

Four tools will help you reach your goal, but be careful, to unlock a tool you need coins, which you will only get by winning games:

  • Magnifying glass: to look up every hidden detail.
  • Brightness correction: change brightness of the image...
  • Contrast correction: ...or change the contrast, making the hidden letter stand out more.
  • Buy a vowel: and every box with the chosen vowel will be filled.

Thanks to Game Center compatibility you can challenge your friends to get a better score than yours and have fun unlocking lots of achievements.


  • English
  • Italian



Overall score is calculated based on points got in a single game, on seconds saved and on a multiplier based on last game's difficulty level.
Difficulty level is calculated based on the length and rarity of the word, on image's complexity and on size and position of the single letter.


Enable this mode to make the game extremely more difficulty. You will have to win some matches at easier difficulty before you can put yourself to the test.