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MonthlyCal is a beautiful and colorful monthly calendar widget for OS X Yosemite. Supports gregorian's calendar and it is almost localized in every language!


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  • Monthly calendar
  • Move to next and previous month 
  • Integration with OS X Calendar app (Enable it in preferences of main app)
  • Click on a day to show the list of events!
  • Click on an event to show it in OS X Calendar app or Fantastical™ 2!
  • Customizable theme (Choose your color in preferences of main app)
  • Weekdays are localized in every language.
  • Support for Sunday or Monday as first weekday.

Available colors

Pink | Blue | Aqua | Green | Electric Green | Yellow | Orange | Red


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Does the job as advertised, and quite we

I was quite annoyed to find that there was no easy option to view a monthly calendar anywhere easily in OS X, having come from windows where I could see one by hovering over the date/time. More surprised was I to see that there were few to no options avaliable to fix this issue. Until I found this. It’s a pain to have to pay 99 cents—but that’s more a complaint against Apple for not making it a native calendar funcionality. This does the job nicely, cleanly, and I am quit ehappy with it! It dese

Muy útil y excelente

Es super cómodo tener el calendario en la barra de notificaciones sin tener que abrir el calendario por defecto que trae OSX. Además, puedes cambiar colores y tamaño, seleccionar un dia y que te muestre los eventos que tienes para ese día, cambiar de mes, está en español, etc. No estoy para nada decepcionado con él.

Not bad for the price.

This app does exactly what it says. It also does everything that I was looking for. Should I have to pay a dollar so OS X can do something that it probably should have done natively? No. But am I going to cry over the dollar I had to pay for this? No. Is it worth a dollar? Sure. It’s just frustrating that I have to pay for something that seems should be native to the OS. Kudos to the developer for capitalizing on this.

Sehr schön

In der aktuellen Version kann man auswählen welche Kalender angezeigt werden sollen. Warum das Apple eigene Widget nicht auch den aktuellen Monat anzeigen lann und Termine nicht darunter als Liste bleibt ein Rätsel

Just what I wanted

I wanted a super fast way to view a calendar in the notification centre for checking dates etc and seeing my schedule, this does exectly that.

top app

cheap and usefull! best calendar widget for ox x so far!

Great App

This app is awesome. Only thing is i would like to see reminders added to the list.


Compact, dark (which I like) but with enough color to make events pop, and just the right amount of settings to customize it the way I like. SO much better than the native Calendar widget. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Very nice!
Very nice!

This widget is awesome and it works great! One feature request: I'd love to see Apple Calendar opens when I double-click a day in the notification center. Right now, nothing happens on an empty day and on a day with events, it just collapses and re-shows the events.

Gorilla Power

MonthlyCal is the most perfect companion to the native Calendar app. Absolutely love the design and functionality! Highly recommended!